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Automotive industry

Mayfran supports automotive manufacturers and their suppliers by providing scrap disposal and sorting systems, customised coolant filtration systems for centralised processing of coolant and chips from multiple machine tools to improve the utilisation of their machinery and equipment as well as increase their recycling rate.

Electronics industry

Electronics manufacturing places the highest demands on purity and efficiency. Mayfran offers a wide range of waste handling and cooling lubricant treatment solutions to meet these requirements.

Energy industry

Highest reliability, at the same time robustness against environmental influences such as heat and humidity, characterise the requirements of energy suppliers. Mayfran products are perfectly adapted to these conditions.

Waste management and recycling

Especially for waste and recycling plants, Mayfran offers large conveyor systems as well as handling and transport systems.

Aeronautics and aerospace

In the manufacture of structural components in the aerospace industry, 90 percent or more of the material is machined. Mayfran ensures safe removal and filtering of cooling lubricants highly efficiently.

Metal processing

Complete solutions help the metalworking industry increase uptime and efficiency through optimised scrap disposal and management.

Medical technology

Medical products require precision and a high surface quality. Optimised solutions for cleaning and filtration as well as material handling make an important contribution to this.

Rolling mill and steel industry

Mayfran can support rolling mills and steel mills by optimising operating times and increasing scrap value through efficient material handling and scrap management solutions.

Machine tool industry

For machine tool use on the shop floor, Mayfran offers complete chip and coolant management solutions, filtration and more.

Mechanical Engineering

Mayfran solutions for chip transport and material handling help operators and manufacturers of heavy machinery.


The largest and best-known truck manufacturers in the world entrust their coolant treatment to Mayfran. There are reasons for this: Not only logistics must become increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly, but also the production of the transport vehicle.

Timber industry

With Mayfran products, the wood industry secures its material flows, saves maintenance costs and replacement investments.