Belt technology

Our steelbelt conveyors incorporate years of experience into the design ensuring a long and reliable life.

The hinged steelbelt is available in various designs, depending on the application.
Special features for severe applications are available.
Belt plates with perforated or dimpled surfaces, welded loops, reinforced belt plates and reinforced cleats can be supplied for special applications.

Chain design

Mayfran chains are designed to avoid relative motion, thus minimising wear and prolonging the chain life.

Depending on the type of belt, a belt tube passes through the formed or welded hinged loops to link the individual belt plates. This simultaneously increases the resistance to sagging and envelops the full width belt pins.

The belt pull is borne solely by the chains, thus reducing the tension on the belt plates. Standard belt widths are available from 305 mm to 2134 mm in 6˝ steps depending on the type of belt.

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